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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. one resident is rescued from a san jose apartment fire, we will tell you why this is a particularly tricky fire for crews. one man is in jail after he attempted to kidnap three young men and then led police on a chase, we will show you video on how it all ended. and a uc berkeley complex, how the man is gaining access to the victim's apartment. he is talking about what we are facing in america right now. >> defending her husband, why ann romney said her husband's comments were taken out of contempt. plus president barack obama response. ktvu channel 2 morning news -- plus president barack obama responds. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning welcome to a brand-new day, i am dave clark. >> welcome, steve paulson has the forecast and it's cooler
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today. >> yes, it is cooler, but i am telling you, there are some cooler readings leading the pack at 43 degrees this morning and most locations are not that high but highs are 60s and 70s and very low 80s, here is sal. traffic on marin is looking good if you are driving towards san rafael and traffic looks good in marin county and also traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge, let's go back to dave and pam. one firefighter was injured fighting an apartment fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter ann rubin was first to report on the scene and has more on the rescue of a woman and her dog and a look at the damage, ann ? >> reporter: take a look, it was a tricky one for firefighters not easy to access and in the end, he was taken to the hospital with minor burns. the fire apparently started in
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a second floor apartment. initially there were three people trapped and as it turns out, it was three people and her dog. the woman may be suffering from smoke inhalation but has so far refused treatment. the fire happened here which includes four apartment complex and they are concerned other apartment the may have smoke or water damage. this woman lives below the fire. >> the light and i looked out and saw it was a fire and i looked out and sure enough, we high tailed it out. i guess he was asleep and i got out, but my little kitties are still in there. >> reporter: dozens of people are still there and first responders are trying to determine how many of them may need red cross assistance.
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ann rubin ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is accused of trying to kidnap three young men in fremont. it happened after a wild chase. claudine wong is in fremont to tell us how all of this started, good morning, claudine. >> reporter: yes, it started in fremont where police say it all began but these three young men actually began running down the street looking for help. we are just about a block away from the police station and that may have played a key role. the man began chasing them and they say this was an aggressive pursuit. we can show you video of where this all ended in union city and we are still trying to get more information about the driver of that truck but he was aggressively chasing these three young men, two of those young men were able to flag down a police officer to get help for their friend.
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>> as officers were talking to the boys getting a description of the male in the red pickup truck, the boys saw the red pickup truck about a block away. they pointed out the vehicle to the officers, the officers attempted to do a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle... >> reporter: at first it looked like the driver would stop but then the driver took off and officers chased him into union city and that's where it ended at dakota road and then the suspect kept going and tried to escape. >> a short pursuit took place and when officers caught the suspect they ended up having to taser him and the canine bit the suspect and they ended up tackling him. >> the suspect and officers were both taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. we are trying to get more information on the suspect and they can't tell us why he
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targeted these three young men walking down the street. again that suspect is under arrest on charges of attempted kidnapping and fleeing from police. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, uc berkeley police are looking for a suspected flasher. they are telling us about a disturbing incident that took place. >> reporter: this is an alert going out to the people living in this housing complex. this person is posing as maintenance and gaining access to women's homes and exposing himself. according to some women, it has happened to many women. the most recent crime monday afternoon, a flasher knocked on a woman's door claimed to be a maintenance man needing to do
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repairs and the woman with two children let him inside and after inspecting the apartment, he unzipped his pants and exposed himself. she creamed -- screamed and the man ran off. they want to stop him before another incident occurs. he is described as a young man with a thin build and thinning gray hair. if you have any information, put a call in to berkeley police. all level safe -- alex savage in albany ktvu channel 2 morning news. ann romney is now talking about the controversial statements her husband made on a secretly recorded video. >> it is taken out of context and if you listen to everything he says, he is talking about what we are facing in america
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right now. >> we are talking about how the mitt romney campaign is still doing damage control. starting today, if you live in california, you can register to vote online. registrations are counted online. you will need a california drivers' license or i.d. card. october 22nd, that is the deadline to vote in the general elections. >> let's go back to sal to check in on the commute, sal? we have a crash in haywood which was a violent collision and it looks like the tow truck is now finally pulling away. earlier pictures show a collision with other badly damaged vehicles. they had to lay some object son
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ban -- lay some stuff on the road to clear up the scene. it looks like that truck, just as we were on the air as we reopened the intersection, it looks like haywood police are on the scene and it looks like they are just about to pull away, there we go, lanes are open. westbound bay bridge, that is backed up for a small delay especially in some of those cash lanes and fast track are moving through. in san jose, traffic is moving well on 101 and 87 and 85. now sonoma, napa airport, combine it with a west wind and it will cut right through you, and it looks like a break on the sonoma coast although a few reports of some dense fog in the area. there is a lot of fog on the
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marin coast. it has been a cool, cool pattern for san francisco when it should be one of the warmer times of the year. average high should be 73 degrees but it has been 62 and 62 and 63. today it's just too cool. high pressure is built to the north, low pressure is keeping a breezy pattern right in place. you can see the low spinning right there. eventually it will slide to the north and it looks like right over us as we head to the weekend. 49 in santa rosa, 40s on the temperatures. west 16 in oakland, 14 at fso, sea breeze is in place and we have a few low 80s. fog and sea breeze, an on shore breeze will continue.
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highs 60s and 70s and 80s. 72 santa clara, fremont 70 and then 60s and 700s and even --p 70s and upper 50s on the san mateo coast. cooler again sunday and monday. a horrible time for a chef, he says he cooked his wife's body and we have more on the chilling confession to police. it looks like san francisco's -- one of san francisco's busiest streets. they continue to protest the anti-islam movie, and we have a symbolic gesture, coming up. stay tuned.
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. welcome back, new protests over the anti-islam forcing a consulate to close in indonesia. earlier this morning, 50 muslim students demonstrated a few hours later. both groups are demanding the obama administration punish the makers of that film, innocence of muslims. they have issued arrest warrants and thousands of them have been protesting on the streets of cairo. most are reportedly living
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outside of egypt and unlike think to travel there to face charges. it may be an attempt to curb the anger over the film. time now 6:13, what mitt romney is doing now about the controversial comments accusing supporters of being defend dan on the govern -- dependant on the government. the reason mitt romney is now talking about an old recording of president barack obama. >> mitt romney is trying to shift the focus of that recording of him to one made of president barack obama to years ago. mitt romney brought up a recording anonymously recorded. you can hear he is seemingly to endorse the redistribution of wealth. >> i actually believe in redistribution at least at a
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certain level to make sure everybody has a shot. >> i think it is an entirely foreign concept. mitt romney said he will deliver recovery not depends dan i. -- depend i. >> -- dependancy. >> president barack obama said it is a sign mitt romney is desperate and they are looking to show the secret recording showing americans are disparaged and do not pay income taxes. new news came out, president barack obama's approval rating is above 50% which also shows more americans think the nation is moving in the right direction. now the race for the white house is still very close. the latest shows president barack obama with a slight edge. a los angeles chef is on trial accused of murdering his wife and cooking her body.
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he stuffed the body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his confession was played and he was there after jumping off a cliff when he learned he was a suspect. and garcia fernandez is accused of molesting his daughter from the time she was 5 to 14. he is facing 14 counts which include lewd acts of a minor. antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lemar. that trial is expected to last a few weeks. >> time now 6:16, they are complaining about reports of high radiation levels and state officials say no major health threats exist, the hundreds of
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barrels of low-level radioactive material have been removed from the old navy base. they are worried about it being kicked up. -- they are work rid about dust being -- worried about dust being kicked up. it you due to begin around 7:00 p.m. in an area on hillcrest drive and highway 4 in antioch. fogging comes just after a week after the county confirms the first human case of west nile virus. one of san francisco's busiest streets is making it more pedestrian and buys kill friendly. the city's transportation agency approved an $18 million project to redesign the area on gary. they approved new parking spots and widening the sidewalks. construction is expected to take 4 to 5 years.
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time now 6:17, cal strand will begin -- cal train will begin its schedule at 6:20 in the evening. another train will be headed northbound to the steaks about 4:30 in the afternoon. other trains leaving san jose about 9:30 in the morning and they will add stops between palo alto and sunny veil. let's check in with sal for any problems in the commute, sal? they are doing well this hour on the 880 freeway, watching it between the east shore and bay bridge toll plaza. it does look crowded by the time you reach the toll plaza but it is backed up for a five minute delay as you get on to the bridge. nothing major yet. 880 in oakland, things are getting crowded and you still have a chance to get out there
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before the main crowd gets out there. if you are driving in san jose, we keep looking at all the san jose freeways, northbound looks good, let's go to steve. lots of low clouds, parts of the coast definitely have a westbound breeze and that's a cool breeze by the way. temperatures are below normal. we are a good 5 to 10 degrees below normal and we should be on the high temperature side. they are coming in more like 60 and 78. it makes for a tough pattern for much of the coast and also into the city which this time of year they should enjoy warm temperatures. yesterday 63, day before 62 and day before 60. high pressure is way up here, you can see it and it's carving
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cool conditions. the lilo will continue to work its way towards -- a little low will continue to work its way towards the banks. fog, 60s and 70s around the bay. 49 in santa rosa. 44 in noma. -- in sonoma. it is going to be a breezy day, 60s and 70s and a lot more 70s as temperatures went down. very low 80s even out to contra costa county and san jose, 71 woodside, 63 in the city, maybe warmer inland and cooler again sunday. thank you, steve, toys-r-us are making sure kids get the most popular toys for the upcoming holiday season. they are releasing the 50 best
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toys. it includes the new ipad and customers can review any toys on the list with a 20% deposit. and you could be in for a surprise. amazon said they charge credit cards when they ship the order and that means if you ordered before last saturday, it is shipped before that date and amazon will charge that. >> time now 6:21, it is worth $10,000 and was stolen from a san francisco music school. now the owner wants your help to get it back. >> a dog sentenced to death is getting a stay of execution. what is happening with the pit bull that bit a police horse, stay tuned for that answer. be connected any time
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. a family said one of their
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goats was found dead. they determined it was a mountain lion. they set a trap with goat meat inside and the goat was caught and they were relieved it was caught before it attacked any people. a judge has decided not to put down the pit bull after injuring a horse in chrissy field in san francisco. yesterday the judge decided to put the stay of excuse and they feel they do not have the right to order the dogs' death -- dog's death. he wants your help to find a stolen cello. the suspects were caught on camera checking on lockers looking for one that was not secure. the cello is worth $10,000 and the personal loss is a lot more. >> people have to understand --
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while my object is stolen, i can go to sears and buy another one. the object, the instrument becomes one with the musician. >> look at these pictures, a white man 25 to 30 years old with dirty blond hair. the woman same age with brown hair. same sex couples in australia will not be able to tie the knot any time soon. they overwhelmingly rejected a bill to legalize same sex marriage. many lawmakers in the leading party are against that bill. they are recognizing by sexual pride day. this comes after a vote by the city council. september 23rd is a date celebrated by the by sexual community but largely unrecognized by mainstream
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community. they are opposing the idea of by sexual pride day. this year it is expected to be one of the biggest in history. the harvest is expected to last several weeks. grape growers say this year's crop could be close to 4 million tons and it should produce unusually good wines. here is a look at traffic. >> i have my information on muni delays on in bound and out bound trains, the underground is going to be delayed because of some sort of a problem with signal issues. muni crews are out there trying to resolve the issues and that means they are slow coming out of the tunnel and the coming out of the west portal area, so you may want to have your friend drop you off downtown
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but if you can't do that take the train down to the area. if you are driving on 680 freeway on pleasanton, southbound through fremont, it still looks pretty good. let's go to steve. highs today will be in the of 0s and -- 60s and 70s, no sign of heat, that is for sure, pam? coming up, sheriff's suspect led them on a dangerous chase and led one officer in the hospital. -- and landed one officer in the hospital.
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. taking a look at the opening bell this morning, that is the nasdaq where the clinton global initiative, they are there ringing the belgaining the conference and it was established by former president bill clinton, to tackle the most pressing challenges in the world and they are there celebrating their efforts on the nasdaq and we will have all the business news coming up. we will say good morning, it is wednesday september 19th. up dave clark. >> time now 6:30. >> we were on the scene of san jose and we have been there since 4:30, a firefighter was hurt in san jose and we understand things are pretty much under control, right ann? -- right, ann?
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>> reporter: while the fire is mostly out now, fire crews are staying on the scene to keep an eye on some hot spots and it broke out in a second floor apartment. initially there were reports of three people trapped but it was really just one woman and her dog. they were rescued by a police officer who borrowed a ladder from a resident. she apparently has not been cooperating because she has smoke inhalation but was forced into a vehicle and taken to the hospital. her dog also ran off. >> we had to restrain her for her own safety and she is being evaluated by paramedics at this time. >> no word on the cause of this fire at the shady apartments and 12 people have been displaced, six of them are now receiving red cross assistance. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a salon know sheriff's
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didn't -- solon land know deputy -- solano deputy is now recovering in the hospital after hitting a big-rig. >> reporter: he is lucky to be alive and he watched the whole thing unfold and he said he could see the suspect racing down the freeway, a stream of law enforcement behind him and when they came up behind him, he simply was not expecting it. around 2:30 a.m., deputies tried to pull over a gray honda type car. the driver led police through the streets of vallejo and then on to 37 westbound. then the suspect switched directions and tossed a shotgun out of the car. chp joined the chase and shortly after the big-rig got hit by the sheriff's deputies car. >> i am lucky that thing did
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not burst. thank god diesel fuel does not explode like that. yes, i am very lucky and the sheriff was the lucky one, i mean it could have been worse. >> now the deputy was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures but he is expected to be fine. they continued to chase the suspect but they have a description of the car and the license plate and they are not releasing that information. we are trying to get ahold of one of the deputies who was actually involved in the chase. he is very busy right now but hopefully we will hear his side of the story coming up later on the show. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the family of a teen shot and killed by oakland police took its anger out on city council. alan blueford fired at police in may. they reported alan blueford had a weapon but never fired a
6:35 am
shot. his family wants to examine a report on the shooting but when they didn't get it, many of the occupied group protested forcing the city council to adjourn early. [crowd noise] >> people also protested a deadly vallejo shooting earlier this month and that also cut short last night's vallejo city council meeting. during a break they stormed the room and talked to davis when they wanted to resume the meeting. they protested the shooting of mario romero. they are calling an investigation into five fatal shootings since late may. >> the city has arising crime -- a rising crime rate and they
6:36 am
held a study session in response to the latest rise in crime. they are offering people tips on protecting themselves and their families. the meetings come after layoffs and police say there will be slower response times. >> over the last month, we have heard more gunshots than we have ever heard before. >> the meeting last night was a first in the series being held throughout the month. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is now in the hands of the board of supervisors. coming up, we will they will you how much time the supervisors have to make a decision about sheriff ross mirkarimi's job. police in paris france are guarding the offices of an organization who published something that makes fun of
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must slim extremists -- muslim extremists. now the magazine's offices were firebombed last time when they published shark cat to yours -- published other things making fun of the prophet mohammed. they have voted to end the strike after a week of walking the picket line. they do not have a contract but they are expected to vote on attentive -- a tentative deal in the next couple of months. they are raising tuition by 5% but only if governor jerry brown's proposition does not pass. they could lead with a $250 million shortfall and if the measure does pass, they would receive an additional $125 million which would allow
6:38 am
schools to resince a -- rescind a previous tuition hike set to come this fall. they celebrated last month from the oakland a's where they received autographed balls and little league will attend batting practice with the giants. >> wow. >> they will also participate in a home plate ceremony. i have to show you something. new video, here is a space shuttle endeavor. it took off and is riding piggy back on the 747 and will make a stop in texas and it will head towards los angeles. before it reaches los angeles, it is due to fly over us in if the bay area -- over us in the bay area. so make sure you are watching channel 2 -- >> of course. >> but the shuttle will be
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flying overhead. how is it looking in contra costa county? >> it looks slow, highway 4, or interstate 680, i should say, this is highway 4 and it is very slow and a lot of the slow traffic is making its way to the bay point area, some are making it over the hill to concord. 680 will not be as slow as it continues to form. crowded freeway heading down to walnut creek. they are crowded passed -- not passed the maze but passed the 880 over crossing. we want to mention, this week in san francisco, howard street is closed between third and fourth because of a huge convention and that will be that way until the end of the week. the best way to get there is to
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use public transportation. this is a look at the peninsular on highway 101 and speaking of public transportation, muni is delayed because of a problem at church steaks. if you are getting on, you will see a delay because of that problem and we will let you know more about that. let's go to steve now. >> mostly cloudy for some, not sold, they are kind of cool for some, if you have problems, i saw temperatures in the 40s and we have a west wind here and it's on the cool side so temperatures are below normal. most are dealing with the coast and it looks like it is 5 degrees below where it should be. a little low is sitting to the west of us. we can't go up and over the high pressure system so it keeps a cool breezy pattern and
6:41 am
not only for today and tomorrow but for sunday and monday. look at that driving everything, great planes and that's a great and active pattern for us. even antioch, 54, san jose is there as well. 46 napas which has been down to 43. we have a breezy pattern. west 16 oakland, 17 fairfield and even vacaville, delta breeze is in full force, 60s and 70s for most or a few very low #0s. clear lake is still warm. vallejo, venetia, crocket, livermore 78, berkeley 67, 72 and cupertino 73, fremont only 70s, redwood city palo alto all in the low 70s. upper 60l1sl0 san mateo and 60s on the coast.
6:42 am
a look with your weekend always in view, and cooler again sunday and monday. thank you, steve. >> lindsay lohan, trouble with the law again, why the actress was arrested early this morning. it started as an attempted kidnapping and then a police chase and then a foot chase and ends with the suspect in the hospital. we will show you exclusive video on how and where it all ended and how it ended up. we will tell you more about the south bay commute as it wakes up straight ahead.
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. good morning, pretty breezy for some, mainly 60s and 70s. all right, steve, welcome back, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, a firefighter was hurt following an early morning fire in san jose. it started in a second floor apartment. one woman and her dog were rescued from the roof by police officers. that fire by the way is under control. uc police are warning about a flasher in albany. he reportedly posed as a maintenance worker to get into three homes and in one case he
6:46 am
exposed himself. he is described as a thin white man in his 50s. a driver led police across interstate 880 in solano county this morning. during that chase, a sheriff's deputy was involved with a crash with a -- in a crash with a big-rig off wilson avenue. we are told he will be okay. a man accused of trying to abduct three young men is arrested. it started with a police chase through union city. claudine wong is where this terrifying ordeal began, claudine? >> reporter: it is a terrifying story which started in fremont. the young men apparently went running down the street for help and the police station is a little over a block away from here and that may have been key
6:47 am
to getting these victims some help fast. it was five miles away from union city and this all started when three young men were walking down the street and a truck aggressively pursued them, trying to get them into their vehicle. even as they ran away, that pickup truck driver reportedly went after one of the three. >> the truck was last seen following the teen behind the arch stone apartment complex also located on civic center. >> reporter: now the other two young men were able to flag down a police officer for help. as they were giving that officer information about the truck, they actually spotted the pickup truck so the police went after it trying to pull the suspect over but they went on a pursuit police chase. >> a short pursuit went on and when the police caught the
6:48 am
suspect they had to taser him and the canine bit the suspect and head to tackle him. >> reporter: this morning there are still a lot of questions and the only thing we know about the victims is they appear to be 19 and 20 years old and we don't know any information about the suspect but again the victims do not know the suspect and do not know why they were targeted. we hope to have more information for you, live on ktvu channel 2 morning news, claudine wong. actress lindsay lohan was arrested early this morning. she clipped a pedestrian with her car and did not stop. she was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. she suffered a minor knee injury and alcohol was not involved in this case. loan loan has been involved with -- lindsay lohan has been involved with several incidents
6:49 am
earlier this year. the ethics committee delivered its official report on all facings of -- allegations of official misconduct. now they have to make a decision on whether or not sheriff ross mirkarimi gets to keep his job. the board will review thousands of pages of material in this very complex very controversial case. >> it is difficult to go through anything of that volume but the material is certainly interesting. >> now the bored is expected to take up dashboard is expected to case -- board is city officials spokespersonned to take up the case and they are slated to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from office after further study. now westbound 24 and westbound 80, we will start with the bay bridge and look at
6:50 am
the toll plaza which is backed up by the minute beyond 880 over crossing almost to the mcarthur maze. there is a broken down car right in the beginning of the caldecott tunnel and people from marin say it is very slow. the backup is noticeable as one of the lanes is blocked there. we have some stop and go traffic here turning into the value for your commute. let's go to steve. there are some breaks in the low clouds and i heard from david from twitter, they said the price is about 21 miles per hour so even without the fog we get that fresh breeze with a little chill in the morning. low clouds look like they are losing support and low temperatures will be below
6:51 am
normal. the warm air has cooled off dramatically and this time of year fog is starting to lose its grip. temperatures are below average by 5 to 10 degrees and most locations are about 60 to 75 to be honest with you. high pressure to the north everything is coming underneath and that keeps a cool and breezy pattern in place. they do not have a lot of moisture but it does not look like it. everything is driving down to the northern planes, 0s for some -- 40s for some. most seems to be running a couple of degrees warmer. there is a westerly winds and remember the direction of wind is coming from. they are pretty far inland. 75 sonoma, ken field 73, walnut
6:52 am
creek brentwood 60s. 72 san jose, 72 gilroy, the rest of the coast looks to be in the 70s, the rest of the city and south of san francisco and the rest of the peninsular. a little warmer friday into saturday and cooler again sunday and monday. samsung plans to cut their investments and they are making the change because of slowing demand and declining prices. they had invested more than $12 billion this year and that will be cut in half next year. checking in on the numbers right now, a live look at the big board, you can see this is up a point. following some big gains especially overnight in japan and across asia as the japanese central bank took action to
6:53 am
boost the global economy there. a new study shows people waiting in line for the new iphone 5 may actually need to be there. 30% of all iphone users damaged it in the last few months. they are damaged and abused three times as much and those working with a broken screen. you are raising your hand. >> mine has been broke for a while. i broke it. i did. a frightening incident, a real scare which led to a local school being locked down and what we are learning about a shooting victim near oakland campus. the joke about a bankrupt california city and an oakland team is skating on thin ice. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival.
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[ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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. we have an update on an east oakland school that was locked down. a woman was shot as she drove down crouse avenue near an elementary school yesterday. one woman said the victim had a child in her car and the school was on lockdown for 15 minutes. police are saying the wounded woman is recovering at hyland hospital.
6:57 am
a bus plan is being revised. commuters do not want to make a lane for express buses only. they will meet this friday to decide what to do next. later this morning the dream force gets underway in san francisco. they started setting up for the event yesterday and registration topped 90,000 people which would make it the largest gathering ever. mayor ed lee is expected to be there and some of the speakers will be there including colin powell. minor league bakersfield designated the game against the stockton thunder as, our city is not bankrupted night. they plan to pass out fake
6:58 am
dollar bills. they recently filed for bankruptcy protection. they recently named it bakers moon field night. we will check in on sal for traffic. it's going to be a little bit slow in many areas, including the caldecott, there is a stalled vehicle. they are trying to get it out of the way but it has made a mess of traffic in marin. >> fog gives way to sun with a breeze out of the west and very low 80s and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. what we just found out about a little while ago. two chases and crashes on bay area roads overnight, stay with us, we will give you all the details.
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